5 ways to master the art of Career Networking

Career networking is an excellent skill to learn and develop for a healthy professional life. It is not only important but, in fact, essential if you aspire to lay the foundations of a solid and flourishing career.  Career Networking involves conscious and planned investment towards building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with your colleagues, friends, family,

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How to do Salary Negotiation with

“Salary is not just a number, indeed it’s like a reward that an employee gets from a company in return for the dedication and hard work, which they do to reach the company to the sky height.”  Whether you are an experienced one or just a newbie, who is just got the first job opportunity,

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Top employee retention

It doesn’t matter as whatever the employee crowd base of a company is, the responsible crew members of the company are always being worried about employee retention, engagement, and management. Well, to develop good and effective staff retention stats you must artistically follow the well-planned, impressive, and proven employee retention program or strategies. Before letting

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Top questions asked and how to answer them in an interview

An interview is a feeling that is unforgettable. At about the same time, interviews are challenging for everyone, and it’s much more difficult for freshmen and new graduates. But everyone will take the right equipment and enough practice for the internship interview. The most often asked questions include Introduce yourself to me. This open invitation

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11 Ways of Empowering

The significance of women and girls in the world is emphasized by two special UN days. To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March and International Girl Day on 11th October, you can significantly impact women all over the world in easy ways.

Shework.in encourages every individual in empowering women.

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Importance of Hard skills and Soft skills

Being a professional in any specific working sector, especially in the IT industry, we have to be a perfect combination of hard skills and soft skills. This is the only thing that makes an individual more productive and eligible to handover any wonderful opportunity that directly indicates a new way of growth and achievements. Well “Tell us about your hard and soft skills?” is a frequently asked question by employers everywhere, meanwhile, a number of candidates get confused between the two. Thus, to heal them with this, here we come up with a solution where we will discuss everything about these two must-have skills.

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How to negotiate your salary

While you seek a job you are ought to apply for several interviews and meet numerous employers as well as the interviewer. It’s possible that the employer poses out some compensation benefits in scripting or orally along with the proposed salary. There are chances when the salary is competitive, if it is so, you are good to go. But if it seems that the salary doesn’t harmonize with your talent, skills, or education, you may seek a way to negotiate more monetary benefits to yourself.

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