contribution of women in science

Women have always been one of the most indispensable parts of our society. Irrespective of the realm they have been working in, women have always shined out as the bright star in the night sky. In the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the required researches into diverse domains like vaccines, treatments, healthcare, technology, etc., women have contributed to great stance. In the recurring year, this contribution of women in the healthcare community is the Front line of the theme of International Day for Girls and Women In Science.

Despite their astonishing contribution, the social gap between the distinct genders holds women back. In accordance to the UNESCO’s recent report on Science has displayed clear numbers. Only one-third of the researchers today are female irrelative to the fact that the contribution of women in the bachelor’s program is around 45% and in the post-graduate program the number puts up to 55% in comparison to male candidates. Further, only 44% of the female candidates are enrolled in the research and Ph.D. program.

It’s also foreseen that more than 2/3rd of the health care and social care workers are women but are paid quite less when compared to relative male candidates. The remarkable contribution and the social disparity faced by the women has given rise to come up with social events like International Day of Girls and Women in Science, to create awareness and induce the active participation of the women in the Science stream. 

Here is a list of marvelous discoveries and contributions made by Women in Science, that has motivated thousands of girl students and women to move ahead in science and come up with fabulous researches in the forthcoming.

contribution of women in science
      • Irawati Karve: Anthropology, a scientific realm of studies that are deemed to be more complex than anticipated. Irawati Karve raised her name in the same being the first female Anthropologist making her leading path in the male-dominated Indian society. Her multidimensional works comprise of philosophy and storytelling. Her achievements also included Sahitya Akademi Award for Marathi in 1968 for the book, “Yuganta”, which earned her a promising position as the first female author in the state.
      • Bibha Chowdhuri: Made her way to the stars, while staying on the earth. A great physicist with her contributions to elementary particle physics and cosmic rays. She was the only girl in her class during her master’s studies in Physics in 1934 and alone was enough to stand out because of her skills. Accomplished her Post-graduation from Calcutta University and then made her life revolve around the research projects in Physics. To award her contribution and efforts in Physics, a star was named after her as ‘Bibha’ which is 340 light-years away from the earth.
      • Rajeshwari Chatterjee: Made revolutionized change in the technology industry by becoming the first Indian female Engineer in India. The upbringing by Rajeshwari Chatterjee brought about a huge change in the revolution of education, especially in the Engineering realm. She further went for a Master’s program in mathematics to attain detailed insights into the aspects of engineering. Working in the field of microwave engineering she was bestowed with diverse awarded recognition including the Mountbatten Prize, J.C. Bose Memorial price, and Ramlal Wadhwa Award for her distinguished research and teaching work, as she was the only female faculty in the Indian Institute of Science at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.
      • Kadambini Ganguly: The need for a gynecologist in today’s world is quite crucial. The contribution of Kadambini Ganguly cannot be compared with anything else. She was among the first two women in India to acquire a college degree. The college degree made her move ahead on the path of medicinal practice. She was the first Indian woman to practice medicine in India. She led her life to serve as a medical practitioner till the age of 61 years. Her medicinal practices and the proficiency to serve diverse humans with her medicinal insight. Other than scientific achievements, she posed out as the first speaker of the Indian National Congress.

      • Shakuntala Devi: Popularly known by the name “the Human-Computer” due to her extraordinary talent to perform numerous complex calculations in seconds. Her name today is well known all across the world with her name registered in the Guinness Book of world records for the Fastest Human Computation. Her successful computation of two arbitrary 13 digit numbers in just 28 seconds at Imperial College London. Her strengths and command in numbers made her try out her hands over the Astrology, which also earned her decent fame in the stream. She also wrote books involving mathematical tricks and puzzles, strands about super memory and mathematical abilities.

The role of women in today’s Indian Society and the Scientific vicinity is something that cant be replaced. The working of the women and girls health caretakers in the Covid-19 times has a great hand in coming up with the precise vaccination and supply of vaccination. Greater Women’s contributions have been already achieved now it’s our role to respect this contribution and lead the country to the progressive path with stipulated appreciation and honor to The Women.

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